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The Teradek RT MK3.1 Wireless Lens Control Kit with 4-Axis Transmitter is a professional system for controlling cinema lenses. This kit is based off a 4-axis MK3.1 transmitter hand controller, a 3-channel MK3.1 receiver motor driver, and a single MK3.1 lens control motor. This kit is all-inclusive for a single-motor setup, as it includes all necessary cables to connect the equipment. Extra motors and drive cables can be purchased as necessary to expand the kit. All that is required is a 10-17V DC power source (such as a D-Tap from a battery) for the receiver. When you're done with your shoot, the equipment can be packed away inside the included hard case for protection during transport and storage. See below for more information on the items included in this kit.

Teradek RT MK3.1 Wireless Lens Control Kit with 4-Axis Transmitter

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