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Main Features

●360°of bright,soft light is created using a unique 360°arc diffusion surface.

●Use ultra bright high power chip LEDs, lifetime up to 50000hours.

●Wide Shooting angle of 360°

●The design includes an all-aluminum frame for better heat dissipation to help ensure a long product life.

●Can be powered by using both the included AC power adapter or the optional battery handle, making it great for location shoots.

●The LCD screen displays real-time data for color, temperature and brightness.

●Heat-free and uniformly dimmable from 10%-100% due to the PWM integrated design.

●Bi-color design is adjustable from 2800-6500K

●CRI high up to Ra:95-98,TLCI≧95

●Suitable for using indoor or outdoor photography and videography. Great for filling light in places such as elevators, cars and other spaces where standard lighting equipment is too bulky. Use multiple units to create designs such as rows,squares and triangles.

Lishuai RGB LED tube

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