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The 4' 4Bank 1-Light Kit with Soft Case from Kino Flo is comprised of a single 4', four-tube fluorescent fixture, a 4bank ballast to power it, an eggcrate to help control the light, a 25' head extension cable, an MTP-BL41 mount with baby receiver with which to mount the unit to a stand and finally a soft carry case. A case for the fluorescent tubes is also included.

This versatile kit is portable enough to be used for news gathering or any other location video shots but is equally at home in the studio. The 4Bank system was designed as a softlight source that could be plugged into the wall on location. With its narrow profile and size, the 4Bank could approximate the quality of light from bounced sources without losing set space. It was designed in this manner to allow the greatest flexibility when working on film production where the gaffer and DP are constantly being challenged to light unique locations and problem solve at a moment's notice. The 4Bank is a high output, high frequency electronic ballast with universal input voltage from 100-240 VAC, that can operate four lamps up to 75 feet between ballast and fixture. Dedicated switches allow for individual control of each lamp. The ballast sends a high output current to the lamps to drive the light as brightly as possible. Its high-frequency electronics prevent any type of flicker. Kino Flo's engineering ensures stable operation without magnetic hum or cooling fans to interfere with the sound recording on set.

Kino Flo 4' 4Bank 1-Light Kit

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