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With the longest focal length, 137 mm (274 mm with 2X Extender), and the widest angle of view (60°08’) at 7.6 mm, the A18x7.6 is the new standard lens for all broadcast news and field production applications.

The A18x7.6 is, of course, equipped with internal focusing and designed using the exclusive Fujinon GO-Technology. The GO-Technology enables the optimisation of all optical features in the composition of the lens. 20—30% improvement in all optical features compared to conventional lenses, without GO-Technology, is possible. Newest glass materials with high refractive indexes and ultra low dispersion are used to achieve these objectives.
Excellent ramping characteristics, most effective countermeasures against ghosting and flare, virtually no pumping, minimised longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations, and high MTF values provide for a standard lens which is the match for any professional challenge you may think of. As the new A18x7.6 offers all these benefits of latest technologies in design and manufacturing, production flexibility is almost unlimited. The Fujinon A18x7.6 — the new standard lens with a versatile performance and compact dimensions.

Fujinon Broadcast ENG/ EFP Lenses A18X7.6

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