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The Dedolight SPS3U 3-Light Portable Lighting Kit (120V) combines two revolutionary pieces of lighting technology in a highly portable kit.

The Dedolight DLH1x150 Soft Light Head is a benchmark technical expression of evenness of illumination in a lamp head. Intended for use in Dedo soft boxes up to medium size (12 x 12" is included in this kit) the 150W, vertically burning lamp produces output that exceeds its nominal rating, while filling the soft box edge-to-edge without hot spots.

At the other end of the spectrum from the soft light is the crisp, highly articulate DLHM4-300 tungsten head with built-in transformer power supply (120V AC). The original design which won Dedo, a technical Oscar has been enhanced to drastically improve output via Aspherics2 lens design producing more than 4x the intensity of a standard 150W Fresnel at minimum spot.

The kit includes one DLH1x150 soft light head with a dimming power supply and a XS 12 x 12" soft box, 2- DLHM4-300 heads, barn doors, bulbs, and grip accessories, stands and a lightweight, soft case.

Dedolight SPS3U 3-Light Portable Lighting Kit

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