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  • The Aputure DEC Wireless Focus & Aperture Controller Adapter for EF and EF-S Mount Lenses to E-Mount Cameras is a wireless remote adapter controller that allows you to mount your EF/EF-S mount lens on your E mount camera and control your lens directly, allowing you to smoothly control the focus and iris setting of your lens without relying on your camera's electronics. OLED windows on the adapter and the remote hand grip display lens information.

    The hand grip and adapter communicate using 2.4GHz FSK radio signal, which allows wireless communication up to 328' away. You can manually change focus or set an A and B focus position and control the speed of the focus change. The unit allows you to quickly open the iris to set your focus and then return the iris to your shooting stop. The entire unit comes in a small hard carry case.

    Aputure DEC Wireless Focus & Aperture Controller

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